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Mounjaro (tirzepatide) belongs to the dual GIP and GLP-1 receptor agonist class, offering a unique approach to blood sugar control and weight management. By activating these receptors, tirzepatide helps regulate glucose levels, reduces appetite, and extends the feeling of fullness after meals.
  • Blood

    Lowers A1C levels

  • Clock

    Helps you feel full faster, longer

  • Pill

    Improves the way your body responds to sugars

  • Stethoscope

    Mounjaro® is not FDA-approved for weight loss, but may be prescribed if a provider deems it appropriate*

One subcutaneous injection weekly as directed by your JRNYS Healthcare provider

Common side effects with Mounjaro include:

  • Redness & itching at the injection site

  • Loss of appetite

  • Tiredness

  • Nausea

  • Upset stomach

  • Diarrhea, or constipation may occur

* Only available if prescribed after an online consultation with a healthcare provider.
* This page has been medically reviewed
* Actual price to customer will depend on product and subscription plan purchase.

How to get prescribed:

Prod advantages1

Simple online consultation

Answer a few questions about your symptoms and health history.

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Connect directly with your provider

A licensed medical provider will determine if treatment is right for you.

Closest pharmacy

Prescription sent to your closest pharmacy

Your medications are prescribed directly to your pharmacy of choice

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Unlimited follow-ups with your provider

Message a provider with questions at any time for free.

Member Success Stories

Weight Loss

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Lost 22lbs

“After 3 months on Mounjaro, I lost 22 lbs“


Lost 43lbs

"I'm now enthusiastic about going to the gym and am on a path to completely revitalize my life"


Lost 37lbs

"This combination of physical activity and structured guidance transformed my life"


Lost 60lbs

“Now that I’ve lost 60lbs and strengthened my core I look great but still can’t stand on a paddle board”
IMG 2956


Lost 22lbs

“I absolutely lost the fight with my weight in my 40’s after two kids and a stressful job. Despite regular exercise and ongoing dieting I was carrying 20lbs I could not shed. After 3 months on Mounjaro, I lost 22 lbs. All of the muscle I’d built from my workouts finally started showing and I’ve never felt so confident about my body. Thank you to the JRNYS team!”



Lost 43lbs

"I was never petite and was considered overweight by age 14. The challenge intensified after having three children and navigating the pandemic, leading to a significant struggle with weight loss. My turning point came with JRNYS, which reignited my internal motivation. I was prescribed Mounjaro (the same drug as Zepbound/Tirzepatide), and the results have been transformative—I've lost over 40 pounds in the past seven months. This journey feels like just the beginning. I'm now enthusiastic about going to the gym and am on a path to completely revitalize my life."



Lost 37lbs

"After the pandemic, I found myself at the heaviest weight I'd ever been, nearly 160 pounds. The impact of COVID-19 was severe, leaving me with fatigue that lasted almost three months. Determined to make a change, I committed to regular exercise and joined the JRNYS program. My doctors prescribed me Mounjaro (also known as Tirzepatide or Zepbound) and it worked within the first week. This combination of physical activity and structured guidance transformed my life. Remarkably, I managed to reduce my weight to 123 pounds and fit into a size 2, a milestone I had never achieved in my adult life. This journey was not just about losing weight; it was about overcoming unprecedented challenges and reaching a state of health and confidence I never thought possible."



Lost 60lbs

“My wife gave me shit for years because my core wasn’t strong enough to stand on a paddle board. Now that I’ve lost 60lbs and strengthened my core I look great but still can’t stand on a paddle board”.

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What are GLP-1s?

GLP-1s are ground breaking weight loss medications that work differently from older generations like phentermine.

They focus on important metabolic pathways to achieve sustainable weight loss. JRNYS providers prescribe various GLP-1 medications, including tirzepatide, semaglutide and liraglutide, which you might recognize as Wegovy®, Saxenda®, Ozempic®, or Mounjaro®.

Weight loss options

A better option for weight loss

People taking once-weekly Mounjaro® lost more weight than those taking Ozempic® 1mg*

*Mounjaro is not a weight loss drug. Individual results may vary. In this study conducted by Eli Lily, the Mounjaro 5-mg, 10-mg, and 15-mg doses were compared to Ozempic 1 mg. The average starting weight was between 204 to 209 pounds.

How It Works

We help you lose weight with revolutionary medication, concierge medical support, nutritional coach support, optional meal planning & more

Provide your health background and weight loss objectives to your JRNYS-affiliated provider.

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